Argentina vs. France

Saturday June 30th - 10:00 AM

Restaurant Doors Open at 9:00 AM

$50 Per Person
Tax and tip not included     

Fixed Price Includes:

Breakfast at 9:00 AM and prefix lunch at 12:00 PM

*Check prefixed menu for options


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World Cup Fixed Menu

At 9:00 AM

Toasted bread with butter, marmalade and dulce de leche

Served with choice of:
• Café latte, capuccino or double espresso
• Cortado
• Espresso
• Regular coffee
• Tea (asorted varietes)
• Orange juice or grapefruit juice

At 12:00 PM

Choice of:
• Empanadas (order of two): carne o espinaca y ricotta (meat or spinach and ricotta cheese)


• Sandwich de chorizo (grilled sausage sandwich)

Served with choice of:
• Beer
• Glass of wine red or white
• Glass of sangria
• Soda